Color by number activities are always a big hit with kids, they all love to color. Over the Christmas break and the long cold winter, these winter-themed color by number pages can help keep little hands busy.

There are 8 different pictures for them to color in

  • Snowman
  • Teddy bear
  • 2 Penguin scenes
  • Bird
  • Mittens
  • Hot cocoa
  • Igloo

At the top of each picture, you will see the crayons and it will tell you what color each number represents. Kids can either follow this guide or choose their own colors, younger children may just want to color in the picture without following the numbers and that is fine too.

You can use crayons, pencil crayons, or markers for this activity. Just click on each picture to download/print. If you know anyone who would love this activity for their kids or maybe you know a teacher who might want to print them off for their classroom, please share.

The fun winter-themed pictures make them a great activity to do over the Christmas break or on a snow day when it is too cold outside and all the kids are stuck inside. They can enjoy a cup of hot cocoa while coloring in this cute hot cocoa picture.

These penguin pictures are adorable, the backgrounds are different, and once you color them in you will see how fun they look. Which picture do you think will be your favorite?

These color-by-number printables are great to print off for a winter play date, they are sure to keep little hands busy especially when it is too cold to play outside. The kids can show off their work when they are done, they are so colorful and will look great hanging on the fridge, kids love when you put their artwork on display, it shows them that it was a job well done!